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Hi Everyone!! I have been having some problems the last few days and have searched far and wide to find someone else in my "shoes" but have been unsuccessful, so I decided to come here.

I have bunions, tailor's bunions and flat feet (on both feet) and last Wednesday I had my right foot bunion surgery (scarf osteotomy with a bone graft of my own bone) done by my podiatrist under IV sedation.

I went for my one week post-op visit today where she changed dressing and took xrays. She said things are looking great, although she was a bit surprised by the amount of swelling still hanging around. I have been bed bound for the past week, unable to put any weight on my foot (heel) even though she said some patients are able to put weight on their heel almost immediately. The first day was okay because of my ankle block, however late that night into the next morning it wore off and along came the pain. Everything was well managed with my pain meds (hydrocodone 5/500) 1 every 4 hours and the constant elevation and icing every half hour at first, then every hour and then every time I took a painpill. It wasn't until this past Sunday that I've started to have some very painful issues. The first one is a pinching, pulling feeling at the base of my great toe, it feels like I'm being continually poked by several tiny needles over and over, it resembles a pulling feeling as if a bandaid is stuck to hairs and it continually pulls the hair, but i have no bandaid nor any hair for anything to pull. Its very bothersome, but luckily does go away when i take my pain meds. Anyone have any idea? My pod says it could be just nerves waking up and getting irritated. This next issue is my biggest problem. This started yesterday, every time I get up to use the bathroom (the only time I leave the bed) I am NWB with crutches by the way, the minute my foot leaves its elevated state it begins to ache/throb, but not just the normal pressure throb of swelling and blood rushing to the area, this is almost an intolerable burning, throbbing pain on the top of my foot starting midfoot and going up to my toes, it hurts even when i lightly rest my foot on the ground while using the bathroom. By the time I make it back to the bed, all of 3 minutes later, my foot hurts so bad from the burning throbbing that i'm in tears, I immediately elevate and ice, the pain goes from throbbing in the top of my foot to throbbing and cramping in the bottom of my foot, this lasts anywhere from 10-25 minutes and eventually subsides. Its gotten to where I don't want to even leave my elevated position to go to the bathroom because of the excruitating pain. My pod checked my foot today for a hematoma and said everything seems ok. She just attributes the pain to the blood rushing to the area when I stand. I get that, but the pain is so severe it seems a little over the top for the normal swelling upon standing. Anybody have this sensation or know what this could be? Its gotten to the point where I don't even want to get out of bed. Any suggestions to help overcome this pain are welcome!!

Thank you so much,

BTW: I've gotten to the point of only taking a pain pill when I need one, which is usually just twice during the day and once at night. I don't have much pain in my resting state, except for the irritating pinching feeling at the base of my great toe. Most other pain is upon rising from the elevated position.

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