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Just some encouragement for those going through, about to go through, or have gone through this VERY long process!

I am 59 days post op on this procedure, small back story, 2 weeks in a splint, 4 weeks in the fiberglass cast, and 2 weeks in a cam boot

I did everything right, never bumped the foot or hit it, kept it propped up during the day and while sleeping, the recovery felt like forever!

So I went in at 8 weeks with my camboot and my husbands running shoes he didn't wear anymore, per doctors orders, to bring in shoes two sizes bigger, my ankle at this time was pretty strong, I was able to walk w the camboot w ease, and stretched and rotated my ankle when I wasn't in the camboot, so when I went in I felt good, my toe still barely moved, but I was cleared to walk when I could, which was that same day, obviously w a limp.

I was also cleared to workout, he actually didn't give me any physical therapy, which I was surprised, but he said I could do it on my own, I've been going to the gym daily, using the bike, lifting weights, and trying to get the muscle back in my VERY deflated calves lol, my toe has been moving! It's a lot more comfortable, I can wear my own gym shoes, a bit snug but it works!

Can't stand in bare ground, and my ankle is still stiff in the morning, but there is hope!

Happy healing everyone!

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