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Re: Bunion Surgery
Jul 7, 2012
[QUOTE=bunionwoman;5014079]I am really worried about bunion surgery. I need both feet done and I am a gym rat. 2 hours a day. I am in pain a bit in my right foot but it is not unbearable. I can not do this twice.....It seems like all the othopedist foot surgeons are not in my network.[/QUOTE]

I've just had both done. Extreme pain the first few days, settles down after that. Be prepared for spending at least six weeks with feet up and hopefully a good mate/partner to do all household duties. In my infinite wisdom, I saw myself shuffling around the house making cups of tea, ensuring dinner on the table, filling washing machine, etc. Boy! Did we get a rude awakening. As helpless as a baby the first week, further weeks I could walk in my snazzy hospital slippers but because they make you heel walk, it's really tiring to go any further than around the house.

Even the average person goes a bit stir crazy, just sitting there, so make sure you have a supply of good friends who don't get huffed easily, when you get fed up about sitting on your backside and want to throw something.

First time the bandages came off, I could see my feet already looked a lot slimmer and really can't wait to exercise again without my original toe tiredness pain.

Look forward to wearing pretty shoes instead of the doc martens I've had for years before biting the bullet and having the op done.

On balance, getting them done together gets it out of the way but perhaps there is more scope for mobility around the house with only one at a time. Though maybe I for one, would have tried to do too much and displaced the internal gubbins meaning second op on first foot. Who knows.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Hugs

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