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I had my big toe fused in October 2009. I have a plate and screws system. I was able to heal weight bear as tolerated from the beginning, and then use my full at six weeks. It did not seem to be fusing at first, and I don't know what the status is with that now almost three years later. It doesn't really matter though, because it is solid, and causes no problems.

I was very afraid of having that joint fused. The idea of a motionless joint freaked me out. Frankly though, I needn't have worried. The joint already had a significantly reduced range of motion, and it was very painful. My gait had been altered because I was compensating for the pain. Now that that joint has been fused, it feels like I have more range of motion, ironically. I can walk with a normal gait, and have a wider selection of shoes I can wear. Unfortunately, my other ankle gets cranky if I go with little support, so I still wear Birkenstocks, running shoes, and similar. That is okay though, because my foot doesn't get sore in them anymore. :) I can wear my Dansko clogs again, and they have a heel of about an inch and a half.

I would only go with an orthopaedic surgeon, not a podiatrist. I say that as someone coming from a town that has a very good podiatrist. If I had elected to have the podiatrist do surgery, I think there would have been a different outcome, and an ultimate fusion anyway.

Last year I walked in a walk for women's cancers in Vancouver. I walked 60 kilometres in two days. I had the worst blisters I've ever had, but my toe handled it great.

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