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About 6-8 weeks out after bilateral bunionette ( Tailor's Bunion, 5th metatarsal ) correction surgery, I developed a swollen knot on the TOP of my foot at the base of my pinky toe. But only on the left foot! The swelling feels hard like bone, but X-rays show that it's made up of soft tissue.

My podiatrist is stumped, and the second podiatrist I saw wasn't much more decisive. Now four months out from surgery, the knot is sensitive, but not terribly painful. There's also still some bruising near the screw my podiatrist inserted, but the knot is actually further down the metatarsal (closer to the toe) than the screw.

The bone itself healed beautifully within the first 6 weeks or so.

Now four months out of surgery, weight-bearing makes the bump swell more; steroids and anti-inflamatories make the knot decrease in size, but don't get rid of it. The knot hurts, but not much.

Has anyone else developed a lump like this after bunionette surgery? If so, what was it, and how did you make it go away?

Would be grateful for any input!!
Thanks for your response! Good luck with your left foot tailor's bunion / bunion surgery this Friday. I will be sending healthy, successful-surgery thoughts your way!

Yes, very frustrating to still be partial-weight-bearing this long after surgery. The two potential diagnoses I've gotten are (1) nerve entrapment (which would be a little odd, because I don't really have any "zingy" nerve pain), or (2) an "atypical presentation" of RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Having done a little research, neither one of those diagnoses really seems to fit. Of course, nothing else does either!

At first, my podiatrist thought my left foot was rejecting one of the deep sutures in the joint capsule, but since nothing ever worked its way out, he's since rejected that theory. Unfortunately, there's no replacement explanation. Bump is maybe 1 cm x 1 cm x 1/2cm.

As a side note, going into surgery back in March, the bunionette on my left foot was much worse than the one on my right foot. Also, the left foot didn't respond well to a steroid injection a few months before surgery; the bunionette swelling went down, but the area became bruised-looking thereafter. (I never had the right foot injected.)

Would love to hear any thoughts your doc might have on what could cause this darned bump!

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