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Yes I had a good deal of pain when I did PT this past April-June. I never took a pain pill before because I had to drive myself (left foot thankfully). It could be one reason you were advised not to take pain meds before was so you wouldn't overdo it not realizing it because the meds were killing the pain. Mae sense? As far as the PT rubbing too hard, only you will know that. Sometimes they do that to break up scar tissue, but it shouldnt be that painful. Maybe you can ask them to not do it so hard?? I can't believe you only have Tylenol for pain for PT after an ankle fusion. My doctor made sure I had narcotic pain meds to get me through the pain of PT and I had an ankle reconstruction which is an easier recovery than a fusion! I'm so sorry! Could you ask your doctor for something stronger?? As far as the no ibuprofen thing, that is right for a fusion because ibuprofen can impair bone healing (not soft tissue which is why it's ok for a lot of other surgeries). I had a fibular osteotomy (bone broken and drilled) in my surgery and I couldn't take ibuprofen either for a long time. Hope thag helps! Hang in there!!

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