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Great Toe Fusion
Jul 24, 2012
Hello everyone this is my first post so please bear with me. I am 55 year old male in pretty good physical shape. Was employed in the gas drilling industry and in Dec 2011, I had a crush injury due to a accident with a fork-lift. The Great Toe was fractured in 3 places, and the ball of foot and sesamoids were damaged. On 6-22-2012, the orthopedic surgeon fused the great toe using a plate and 4 screws, and via a separate incision on the side/bottom of my foot cleaned out bone fragments and also removed both sesamoids.

It has been a very painful 4 weeks post op. I still have a pin in the toe that extends from the tip of my big toe down thru the bone of my toe. The foot and toe are still quite swollen and extremely tender, although the toe is numb down to the first joint.

During the 7 months pre-op, my gait changed significantly and due to such, my knee (which I have had 13 surgical procedures on since 1975) is swollen, and I have incurred a Baker's cyst behind the knee the size of an orange.
I know that due to the fusion, my gait will be forever changed, due to no flexion in the Great toe joint, thus the "push-off" associated with normal gait will not be achieved.

Anyone out there that would be willing to share their experiences, good or bad
would be most appreciated.

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