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As Titchou said, there are many different types of bunionectomies, and following doctor's orders is the best route to follow.
I had an Austin bunionectomy and reverse Austin (first met and fifth met) on my left foot six weeks ago today. I was in a sneaker at four weeks. I have one screw in each bone. This recovery is different from my last surgery, which was technically the same, on the right foot, but with temporary pins which were removed at four weeks. I'm recovering at a much speedier rate this time around. Moral of the story, every recovery is different...

The boot used is to keep your weight off your forefoot and to protect your foot. If your doctor said you can keep the boot off when you elevate, I would believe him or her.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of elevation and icing. I truly believe my diligence in elevating and icing has helped me in my recovery.

Please speak to your doctor to alleviate your concerns. You should also ask your doctor about range of movement exercises for your toe. My doc had me start moving my toe after the first week.
Inquisitiveman: You have just begun to exercise your toe, don't panic. Keep doing the exercises and you will see progress. Once you are in a sneaker and are allowed to walk small distances, focus on using the proper gait. Roll off the toes, and don't be put off by some discomfort. My first few times out walking with "purpose", I was saying "Ow, ow, ow". Having been through this before, I knew what to expect, and I know that has made this recovery much easier due to less anxiety and the fear of the unknown.
For me, most of the discomfort is from the big toe being restored to its rightful place atop of the sesamoids, and from tight ligaments. I had bone spurs on the top of the big toe joint prior to surgery, and I had been walking flat footed for a long time. I wasn't even aware of this until the PT providing pre-op crutch training noticed the difference of amount muscle tone of my left and right calf muscles.
My doctor said I could play tennis at four months recovery and I'm 52 yrs. old.
My other foot/toe has great flexibility, very close if not at the level it had before surgery, so don't despair.

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