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Thank you guys so much for replying! i was worried noone would :)
To be honest i'm really bad with the technical terms of what i had done so i'll do my best... Akin osteotomy of 1st metatarsals? It was minimal incision and i have 3 permanent screws in each foot... My feet feel fine i have had basically no pain just some discomfort at time, after i got my bandages off i just use the stiff soled sandal to get around and my foot is held with some tubi grip while im walking. I am pretty much weight bearing as much as tolerated, however trying to do as little as possible. Everyone else seems to have much more strict instructions?
I was completely aware that the swelling would be bad, but honestly as the sxwelling on the rest of my foot goes down all thats left are some fat toes and what looks exactly like 2 big bunions. Did you guys have swelling mostly localised at that site? I'm not seeing much anywhere else. does it looks just like bunions? and not little ones... if someone were to look at them they would say they were still moderate to severe.

Do you think that it will really just smooth out to a normal looking foot? I know it's all about pain relief, but honestly if theres still what looks like bunions there it's still going to rub against shoes and its still going to be painful!

Janesfoot... thank you for the encouraging words :) It just feels like everyone seems to say they have nice looking feet after surgery, i'm starting to think mine were undercorrected :( how can there be hardly any difference 2 weeks out from surgery :( i know i sound dramatic, it's just of all my research on the topic, ive never seen feet that look like they still have big bunions STRAIGHT AFTER surgery.

Apt. with surgeon is in 4 weeks. It's gonna be a long 4 weeks :(

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