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Hi there! I am a 28 year old female and I have had 2 mortons neuroma surgeries. I tried cortisone shots and orthotics. I had one 4 years ago on both feet in between toes 2-3. I had a speedy recovery and was swimming 2 weeks later at my family reunion. I used a walker the first day to get around and was able to walk in surgical shoes after that for 2 weeks. The surgery was very successful and the nerves were the size of a pencil when removed. Dr said that was pretty large. I was off work for 2 weeks bc I needed to take it easy. I was on pain meds for 5 days after the surgery. After the surgery the tissue where he removed the nerve pain was inflamed, obviously because he plucked the nerve, so there was some discomfort in the bottom of my foot where the nerve was, swollen and very bruised. The more I stayed off of it and kept my feet propped up, the better it felt as time went on. I used lots of ice too. 10 days later I got my stitches out and was given the surgical shoe, 1 week later I was able to wear crocs (I am not a fan of crocs but they helped my feet by adding lots of comfy cushion when walking at this point). The only difference once everything healed was a small amount of numbness in the bottom of my foot where the nerve was (the puffy sensation had gone away after 3-4 weeks) and numbness in between the toes that the nerve affected. I was pain free.

I started training to hike with my husband a few months ago and I noticed I had pain very similar to before, the burning and tingling. We would walk 4 miles a day and it was getting worse. So I went to the Dr and told him I was having the same problem on my left foot in between toes 3-4. He felt on the bottom of my foot and noticed it was puffy and said well, looks like you have another one. I opted for the surgery right away because the last one was such a breeze. I was out of surgery in 1 hour and was home 2 hours after that. He said this nerve was as big as a ladies thumb! That since the other nerves had been taken out, it had more room to relax that's why it was just now bothering me. It had to have taken some time for it to get that big honestly. I had my surgery on July 26, 2012. Today is Aug 9, 2012. This time the recovery was not as easy as the first one. Its been a slight bit more painful, which we put on the nerve being so big. The swelling was about the same as before, as of right now I only have swelling in those two toes affected by the surgery. The bruising was way worse! Not sure why, but it looks like I got hit with a bat. I tried to go back to work 5 days after the surgery because I did not want to let my boss down, as there was no one to cover me. When I got there, it started throbbing, I propped it up in a reclining chair, but then I started feeling dizzy and hot like I had a fever. Left work early, and went to the Dr. He said I had an infection but the wound site was healed, but wasn't able to take out the stitches until the infection was gone. The infection made it hurt worse and for a longer period of time. So I stayed off work and at home with it up in the air and with ice, and a week later the infection was gone. I got my stitches out and put on my crocs. I have been taking baths because I wasn't supposed to get it wet while the stitches were in. The first time I got it wet the outside of my 4th toe hurt so bad! It was a sharp pain, I'm not sure what it is, but it does not hurt unless I put it under water or in the shower. I cant possibly fathom what it is, but my Dr said my foot is healing and it will go away. He does not seem very interested in it when I say that. Other than that he has been great.

I'm curious, has anyone ever heard of this? Only hurts when i put it under water? That does not make any sense to me. Hope someone can shed some light. I appreciate any help

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