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Surgery or not?
Aug 31, 2012
Hi everyone, I am new to these boards and need some help.
I have large bunions on both of my feet which personally don't really cause me alot of problems, however, it makes it so hard to find any cute shoes to wear so I do want them off. My biggest problem is the fact that I have osteoarthritis in the top of my foot (midfoot) and makes walking very difficult and if I walk very far the pain becomes excruiating. I went to my podiatrist and he wants to do a lapidus bunionectomy and a fusion of the metatarsal cuneiform joints. I know I will have to have this done on both feet eventually but can anyone out there tell me what to expect? Should I have this procedure done? I heard that once you start fusing the joints that it puts more pressure on the adjacent joints and eventually you will have to have those joints fused also. I'm very nervous about this and wondered how painful is this really going to be? Will I be sorry if I do it?

Thanks for your replies!

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