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Hello all. For 6 weeks I have been dealing with intense pain in the top of my right foot. It is most painful when I walk or put pressure on my foot, though I get throbbing and shooting pains when I sleep and even wear a sneaker. It is painful to the touch although it is not bruised or swollen. I did not have an injury or any trauma to the area that I can recall. I went to a podiatrist and after the physical exam he put me in a boot, ordered x-rays and told me to rest it. He assumed I had a stress fracture but when the x-rays came back normal he sent me for an MRI. That also came back negative. The boot helps me to walk though I still have pain. The doc prescribed painkillers and told me to continue with the boot and rest. 3 weeks farther along and I don't have any relief. The pain is on top of my foot, closer to the ankle, and I now have pain to my toes and ankle. I'm very frustrated as I have been an athlete my whole life and haven't experienced anything like this. Any suggestions or thoughts? The whole RICE method isn't cutting it and I'm seeking answers and relief. Thanks in advance.

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