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[QUOTE=PyrettaBlaze13;5068949]Thank you so much for replying! I feel so alone in this!

Many people are telling me the same thing. Its just really odd that my feet have never bothered me like this throughout my whole life. But just until, I became active it seemed to be a little bothersome at first then gradually to a state where it is very hard to walk now.
When I mention “Morton’s toe” i didn’t mean the neuroma variety. I saw the term being used when someone has a shorter first toe bone( due to a shorter metatarsal bone) and a longer second toe. Not sure if there is a medical term for this “deformity”.

However that is something I will mention to my ortho tomorrow.

I mean they want to shorten my second, third, and forth toe just to make them the same length as my first toe. Seems to be risky just because of my first toe[/QUOTE]

I just looked at my feet and none of my toes are the same length. If this is the reason this dr. wants to cut into you, I would stay clear of him and under my breath, tell him to book his vacation on someone else's money. . Do you do stretching every day because that really helps as we get older. Do you know of someone who specializes in kiniseology because someone like that can help you; I am sure. I don't remember what I wrote earlier, but I have been going to someone like that and he has even straightened out a crooked toe and made my bunions MUCH smaller on both feet, which I had surgery on years ago, to remove the bunions. If I had known then what I know now, I would not have let the ortho surgeon near me and please do not wear orthotics because they weaken the muscles in your feet, which, in turn, will weaken the muscles in your legs and then throw your hips out of line. I speak from experience and mine were made by someone the ortho surgeon recommended to me. Good luck and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I hate to hear of you going through all of this and even thinking of surgery.

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