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My name is Jessi. I am 29 years old.

I had a right ankle fusion done on September 7th, 2012 after reoccurring pain from a March 21, 2010 car accident in which my talus bone was broken. Two pins were inserted into the talus bone and since then it has healed completely but pins remain.

However, the bottom joint of the ankle had developed really bad arthritis and lots of bone spurs. The surgeon didn't find the bone spurs until he did surgery and couldn't believe I was still walking on the ankle. I had told him previously how much pain I was in. He put two more pins up through my heel into the bottom joint and fused the bone together.

Anyway. I have had a cast on for about 6 weeks now. However, with each day the cast gets looser and looser and I can move my foot a wee bit up and down. It's mainly out of habit. But I have noticed that my foot is grinding. In the joint. When I move it up and down.

He did an exam on this foot last Monday. It was grinding then too, but I didn't say anything because I thought it was normal. Now I don't think it is.

Has anyone else had this happen? I'm curious. And a little concerned. I get this final cast off in about a week and half. I then enter into the Big Black Walking Boot mode for the next 4-6 weeks. If it's grinding, I don't know if I can be put into a boot.

If anyone can help, please do.

I found this board doing a google search.
By the way, I'm editing this, I forgot to mention, it's not a complete ankle fusion. I will be able to flex the foot up and down, just not rotate it left and right. He fused that joint together.
Hi Jessi!
I want to first tell you that I am not a doctor or medical professional. I am speaking from personal experience. I had a similar procedure to yours back in April of this year. It is normal for your cast to become loose the longer you wear it as your calf will shrink due to muscle atrophy. I had two joints fused during my surgery along with achilles lengthening.

I think you might be referring to the subtalar joint. That was one of the joints I had fused and have the same thing in regards to motion. I cannot move side to side or pronate but I can move my foot up and down just fine. The grinding is definitely something you want to consult with your doctor about. I was injured during physical therapy and my fusion was broken. After that time I began having a popping sensation and my surgeon immediately put me back to non weight bearing and on crutches. He told me it shouldn't be making any popping sounds. I would assume grinding would apply but I can't be sure? If that joint is grinding I would think that the fusion has not taken. A fused joint shouldn't have any motion in it.

Have you put weight on your foot inadvertently? or had some sort of blunt force? If you just had surgery in September I am really surprised you're about to be weight bearing already. I was in a fiberglass cast from April 20 until July 2 and the fusion was still not at 100%. These are definitely concerns you should address with your surgeon.

I wish you the best!

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