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Hello, I had bunion surgery,bilateral osteotomy 2 days ago. I am now in bed most of the time. When do I take my bandage off for the first time? Do I put a new one on? How do I ice it without taking it off?

I would really appreciate if someone would be able to answer me please! Thank you!
Unless you were instructed to do so, do not remove the bandage. They will do that when you go to get the sutures removed. Usually around 2 weeks. Use frozen peas or one of the gel ice packs, formed to your foot to ice it. You may have to tape it on or wrap a bandage around it to hold it in place.
Strange your doctor did not mention what to do post op, what type of bunionectomy did you get, i got both feet done the 25th of october, it was the Akin/Chevron procedure, i am getting my bandages removed tuesday than i should know what the next step will be, i have been lucky, i did not have any pain at all.
I agree! Definitely don't take the bandages off until they remove them at the doctors office.

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