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I was born with flat feet. At age 45, they were both so extremely bad (daily swelling with pain and discomfort) that I had to quit working and start my first of two surgeries. I had tried orthotics in the past a few times. My flat feet were making me disabled. My feet are also full of arthritis. My ankle bones were still strong, but if I would have kept walking, then the ankles would have gotten really bad and the surgery would have been worse for me. I had 5 procedures done on my right foot. He said I was a very extreme case and he did a lot of repair work. He literally had to reconstruct the whole foot moving the heel, fusing bones, removal of a very large bunion, ect. My foot is now in a totally different place and after all the moving around, I now have an arch and no ugly bunion and my heel is in the right place. I am almost 12 weeks post op. I am in Physical therapy learning to walk on it all over again.

This has been a long road. The surgery was not easy and the pain was horrendous. The healing is long and painful, and it is not over yet. My foot is healing just like it should and the surgeon is pleased with the outcome. After Next summer, I will be having my left foot done. I really did not want to do this, but I really had no choice. I would have been disabled and unable to walk and I would have been in extreme pain in my feet, ankles, knees, hips and back all due to my flat feet. I already had pain in all those places and it would have kept getting worse without the surgery. When I look at my flat crippled left foot and then look at my repaired right foot, the difference is quite amazing. Healing time is 6 months, but closer to a year per foot. I was very happy with my surgeon and did a lot of research before choosing him. He is a foot and ankle reconstruction specialist and he works for a major teaching hospital. I put my faith in him to help me, and that is just what he did. Even just 12 weeks into it, I am sure I made the right decision. The recovery is not easy, but I can just bet in 2-3 years, I am going to be very happy with my new feet.

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