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If your plantar facia, the elastic band under your foot, is too tight, it can easily make your feet cold because tight muscles effect the blood flow to your feet and ankles. The best thing to do is to walk barefooted on hardwood floor, if you have hardwood floor. It will hurt like sin, at first, but walking barefoot builds the muscles in your legs and feet and helps build the arch. I had feet that were flatter than a pancake and made worse by orthotics. Tossed those orthotics out, have been to a GREAT therapist and my feet are so straight it is like a miracle has been performed. Most of what he did was work with the muscles. He loosened them, which, in turn, made them much stronger. STAY CLEAR OF PODIATRISTS who want to cut and DO NOT WEAR orthotics. They are money makers for the podiatrists. You may feel better when you first get them, but in the long run they make your muscles very, very weak. Bunions and hammer toes are caused by weak muscles because your whole leg is thrown off right up to the hips.

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