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hello all,
like ncgirl96 i'm wonering how the effects of this surgery are a year or two down the road. unfortunately for me i have had a version of this surgery on the same foot, but it didn't work. i originally had a posterior tibial tendon reconstruction with a calcaneal osteotomy on my left foot a little over 2 years ago. i was born with flat feet and gross hyper mobility....that coupled with 3 pregnancies was not a good combination for my poor feet. as a result i had a torn tendon and was in lots of pain when walking. because i was so limited in my activities and because i want to keep up with my kiddos i opted for the surgery (being able to wear cute shoes again wouldn't hurt either). i'm younger and hate the idea of feeling like i'm holding myself back because of my feet...very depressing. Even more depressing is the fact that when i had the first surgery it didn't work. basically not enough was done for my foot and so my arch collapsed and in addition the surgery created at painful bunion and pain in my outer ankle. cut to 2 years later and i'm now scheduled to have the surgery again...only this time with a different doctor and more work being done to my foot. i will be having a lateral column lengthening which will be done with a biofoam wedge and a 1st tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis with osteotomy for flatfoot, modified McBride bunionectomy done in combination with Strayer procedure. What the? I like to think I know what's happening to my foot after all that, but I know no matter how much I "google" I can't fully understand the effects of this surgery. I'm aware that recovery will be horrible. I will be in a hard cast for 6 wks, a walking boot for 6 wks, but i'm not allowed to walk, and then a walking boot for 6 wks where i can finally be fwb...did i mention i have 3 kids 5yrs and younger, ugh?! i'm beyond depressed about this, but the only thing getting me through is the thought that I will be pain free and "normal" in a year or two. there is no doubt that i'm gun shy about this surgery because of what happened to me the first time and i often ask myself "are you sure you're really in that much pain? can you just live with this pain?". I guess i answered the question by scheduling the surgery, but i still have the constant battle in my mind about this surgery. i also know that i'm totally holding myself back in my daily activities and because of the shoes i have to wear and the way i can't do all the active things i used to do i feel like i'm much much older than my 36 years. if there is someone on this message board that has any positive long term results with this surgery i would GREATLY appreciate it. i have read all the negative scenarios and as my husband can attest, i've cried a lot over it. i really need to take my brain back and start pumping in positive thoughts and stories about this surgery. there have to be some otherwise why would anyone attempt to have this surgery? i also recognize that if someone had a positive result they probably aren't on these message boards...i'm just hoping. so, with all that being said, hopefully you're all well on your way to recovery and walking pain free. also, what is physical therapy like? after being off your foot for so long how long does it take to get the hang of walking "normal" again? thanks in advance! btw, i'm think NCGirl96 you have had surgery, right? hope all went well!!

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