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18 months ago I woke through the night with a painful, throbbing big toe and thought I'd been bitten by something, but it wasn't a bite. I'd developed an infection, it was so painful I couldn't even stand the sheets touching it at night, or socks and even pressure from the shower on it.
After 10 days (I know I shouldn't have left it so long) I went on anti biotics, they didn't work, only made me sick, went and got a different lot of tablets but needed a second dose to get rid of it. At one point it was so painful I thought my toe was going to explode lol, so I squeezed the nail bed and pus came out which was a bit of a relief. Went to the doctors, he took a swab, only to find "No bugs" in it, whatever that means. I developed a bruise under the nail which I suppose was from the infection and the nail separated from the nail bed and came off from the bottom of the nail. Infection never came back, but still to this day I have a numbing sensation under the nail which is still uncomfortable, and it's ok to wear shoes, but I can't sleep in a position if my nail is on the bed, can't stand the pressure. What is this? I can't stand it, it's not a painful feeling but sometimes it still throbs at night if I'm hot. Could it be tissue damage under the nail from the infection? The nail itself looks healthy, it was not an ingrown either, nor do I think it's fungus. Should I see a podiatrist, the doctors haven't a clue.
Yes, I would see a podiatrist for sure.

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