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Hi! Welcome to the Boards! My story is similar to yours. Long time history of ankle sprains, ankle instability, pain, etc. 11 years ago I had a modified Brostrom-Gould by a general OS (not a good idea I learned). In a cast 3.5 wks and crutches 4 wks, was back to work full time, 13 hour days on my feet in a boot by week 5 (also not a good idea, but I was cleared). No PT (terrible idea)! I was okay for a bit, but 2 yrs later tore my tendon retinaculum, a year after that badly sprained my ankle, tore cartilage and broke my 5th met (Jones fracture). That got me 6 wks NWB and a bone stimulator. 3 yrs after that another bad sprain, etc, etc. Sprained it in Sept 2011 and in Nov when it wasn't better, had it checked out since I was supposed to do a 1/2 marthon in early Dec. MRI came back not good. 3 torn ligaments, peroneal tendon tear and peroneal tendon subluxation. I was allowed to do the 1/2 marathon as long as I wore my brace, iced, took my NSAIDs, etc because my surgeon said there wasn't anything else I could do to hurt my ankle further and I was getting it fixed. So I did (major pain, but I did it). Had a Brostrom-Gould with suture anchors, repair of peroneal tendon tear and fibular groove deepening for peroneal tendon subluxation on 2/22/12. Was in a cast and NWB for 6 wks but it was more like 8 wks by the time I was totally off. Boot for another month after cast came off, lace up brace after that and even now with any athletics. I took Percocet every 4 hours around the clock for the first 3 days or so and then tapered as tolerated. I had great pain control. I didn't have a block and wasn't offered one, but told the anesthesiologist just in case he thought about it, I didn't want it. The things that can go wrong (and I've seen them) for me were not worth the risk. Especially since I'd been through thr surgery before with adequate pain control with oral meds. This time was even better control! After I got my cast off, I had PT for 3 months. The week after it was over and 4 months after surgery, I went overseas for 10 days. Had swelling and pain, but did alright. A month after that, I went hiking and zip lining in Alaska and was great! Then I went to DC for a funeral and was walking on a brick sidewalk that wasn't even and caught my foot just right and rolled it somewhat. I got off it before I went all the way over, but it hurt. I figured it was just sensitive from surgery. In November when it was still hurting, I had it checked again since again I was supposed to do a half marathon in Dec. Found out I sprained it again. Back in my brace 6 wks straight, back on NSAIDs, back in PT and no running. I was allowed to walk the 1/2 marathon as pain allowed. So this past Sunday, 12/2/12, I attempted the 1/2 marathon. I had 1 PT session to calm it down, pain control, etc. I actually finished, but I was in so much pain as soon as I stopped and adrenaline stopped (so I don't recommend it, but I'm crazy and a stubborn goal attainer). I also hurt my right knee compensating for my injured left ankle. It hasnt been a fun week and I'm trying now to see the Grand Canyon! I have PT session starting Monday. So all that to say, I recovered very well from thr surgery. Just had a freak accident on a sidewalk that resulted in a sprain 6.5 months out and then chose to press my luck. You'll do great! Oh and my surgery (both of them actually) were outpatient. Went in at 6 and was home by 1:30 on the first and in at 6 and home by 3:30 on the 2nd and did just fine! Much rather be in my bed! :) Good luck and come here for support and/or venting! It's what we're all here for!!
Today is 17 days post op from modified brostrom. I got my cast off!!!! yay! they put me in the boot and said I can put a little wieght on it. It still wasn't discolored, however it was more swollen than a week ago when they removed the first one. I haven't had it elevated much in the past couple of days either. 2 nights ago I was getting electrical shocking pains in the one area I knew there were stitches. My big toe was feeling like it was on fire and it felt more swollen when I would elevate it at night so that is why I haven't put anything under it. Wierd, I know. The ortho tech said it was wierd and he hasn't heard anything like that before. I also jumped and yelped when the cast tool touched my foot. It didn't hurt, but scared the heck out of So this boot weighs more than my cast and I have put a tad bit of weight on it for a couple of minutes, but nothing to cause pain. I'm definetly faster on the one foot. I plan on practicing this afternoon. My next appt is in 20 days and he said I will make plans for therapy from there. FYI, my doc originally said I was going to be on a cast NWB for 4 weeks. I'm not sure why they changed their minds, but I'll take it

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