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I had modified brostrom 31 days ago. They originally told me I would start therapy around 8 weeks, but everything has changed from what they initially told me. First I was told I would be NWB for 4 weeks in a cast and the PWB in a boot for 4 weeks. This all changed after surgery.

Just over 2.5 weeks the put me in the boot with PWB and he said my next apt (5 weeks) they would probably put me in a brace and talk therapy. I called the nurse today and she said they "usually" start therapy 2 weeks after my apt (meaing the one at the 5th week). This would mean I would start therapry at 7 weeks.

Why would they put me in a brace and have me start therapy 2 weeks later??? Just curious to when you started therapy. I'm hoping to get back on my bike sooner than later. When you started therapy how soon did you start biking and did they give you a limit for how long you could bike? I have an indoor computrainer and would love to get on that as soon as possible. I'm going nuts!

Another thing that really ticked me off was the doc told me I could swim probably around 4 weeks. Right before they did surgery I asked again and he said 8 weeks! Now that ticked me off! I could see the plan for swimming changing if things went worse in surgery, but he changed his mind before he even did it..

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