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On Feb 8, 2013 I had another surgery on my R foot to remove the screws. Excessive scar tissue had started to pull my big toe crooked again, so that had to be removed as well, using the method called silver bunionectomy. Instructions were to keep my foot elevated 45 minutes of each hour, 24/7, for the first week, then elevate 35 minutes of each hour, 24/7 . No icing. I have been compliant with all instructions. Starting tomorrow all these restrictions are lifted and 3 days after that, I will have the stitches removed. I should be back to work 4 weeks after surgery. I am still experiencing a lot of pain, especially sharp, shooting pains. The place where th capsule was, aches deeply, like a toothache. Like the first time around, the pain feels like it id getting worse, instead of better. The L foot that I had done on Dec 26 2012, is doing great, No problems, feels good. What is going on with the right foot. I have not been pain free with that foot, since my surgery Oct 12, 2012.
I am getting to the point that I am concerned about nerve damage.
Please, please,, read this and reply. I am wondering if anyone else had these issues and what it took to resolve them. How long before the pain from my foot is gone?

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