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Post Bunion Surgery
Jan 22, 2013
Hello Everyone! I wanted to write an update on my bunion surgery recovery since this forum was a huge resource for me the days and weeks following my surgery. I wanted to share my experiences in the hopes of maybe helping people that are going through what I went through. It was a really scary time for me. I had bunion surgery on my right foot nearly 2 years ago. My doctor told me what to expect following the surgery and I seriously believed it would be a piece of cake and would be up and walking in no time. Well, let me say it was definitely not for me. Although every person heals differently, I wanted to post this to hopefully relieve those out there who have all the same worries and concerns I had post surgery. The first couple of weeks following the surgery were the worst. I was in so much pain all of the time and couldn't sleep. My doctor switched my anti-inflammatory meds which helped but when I was told to start walking in my aircast, I couldn't. Every time I stood up, my foot felt as though it was filling up and would burn and the pressure was so bad that it felt like my foot was going to explode. I visited this forum every day trying to see if what I was experiencing was normal and I found I wasn't alone. After the stitches came out, my doctor told me to start with exercises on my toe, moving it around. My toe would not budge and I felt extreme pain and pulling across my entire foot. I was so discouraged and cried a lot! but I kept at it and slowly my toe would move a tiny bit (and I mean a tiny bit), I worked on it very hard to make sure I'd recover properly. After 6 weeks once the aircast came off, and was allowed to wear running shoes and walk around, I started physio. This was painful and also so discouraging as my big toe didn't come anywhere near touching the floor when I stood flat footed. Again, I worked at the exercises each day but felt after a few months that it had gotten the best it was going to get and that my toe was just going to be like that forever. It took a few months before I walked comfortably without a limp and well over a year before my foot was totally healed. During that year I really questioned whether or not the surgery was worth it for me because I still had a lot of discomfort (although not all of the time). But now almost two years after I can say, I am very happy I had the surgery. I have no pain or discomfort any more and it was definitely worth it! Bunion surgery is different for everybody but it is "reconstructive" surgery and it can and does take a long time to heal. Don't be discouraged! It does get better. I promise :)

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