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Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been a while! Being back at work has cut down a bit on my free time. I had a friend driving me into work for a couple of weeks while waiting to get my hard cast off.

I had an appointment on March 20th (about two months post op) my doctor had me start weight bearing at 75% with two crutches on the way out. Thank God! I was more than ready. The main benefit was getting in the shower. That first shower all the dried blood came off and the soft skin all started coming off. It was a bit gross. She told me to increase my weight bearing by 25% a week. The first week was a bit painful at time and the swelling was terrible! It was a bit shocking taking my foot out of the boot and seeing it so swollen.

I increased to 50% the next week and with more regular use the swelling has not been as bad.

This week I am at 75% and am supposed to be using one crutch at all times. I rarely use a crutch at home and have been progressively started walking a little outside of my boot just out of impatience. Walking barefoot on hard surface is definitely painful, so I suggest getting some slippers or something. I am supposed to start weight bearing at 100% with the boot (cam walker) on Wednesday.

Quite honestly it is very achy. I would not say it is painful at all times. But it is so sore it is ridiculous at times. I want to start working out like YOU NEW!!! But my doctor won't let me bike, or swim, or anything else for that matter and I am feeling like a chunky monkey every time I get to the top of the stairs out of breath! My fusion is a bit crooked and I feel like I am walking on the outside of my foot, which bums me out. She mentioned doing another surgery to fuse down my first metatarsal so I can walk on my whole foot or she is going to brace it so that I am less affected. I can't imagine getting another surgery right now.

Under my big toe and my heel are still swollen and I am beginning to wonder if they will go down by themselves or if it needs to get drained.

I went into this determined to be able to run afterwards and this week with all the pain, and with my foot being so weird I am feeling a tad discouraged. I will figure it out. My wife, who has never been a runner, is starting to run to encourage me. She says that we can run together as I get better. It's nice to have that kind of support.


I really appreciate the advice. My doctor actually waited till after my surgery to even put me on limdu so I would have the time to recoup before getting out. They approved my limdu (which I was hoping they would not honestly) I want to get out now. I am a machine gunner and have already been to Afghanistan and did the whole deal. My battalion is not deploying again for another two years so there's no reason to be here. My company first sergeant and CO have been really cool with me and are letting me just check in for half days when there isn't anything going on. Oh, Wilk, did you have a case manager? Do you suggest one?

I have another appointment in a week and a half. I will keep you guys updated.

How's yours going NEW?

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