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HI Pam:)

Thank you so much for asking! I've been kind of frustrated with this. I first called a week ago and just got a call back yesterday. They said its ok for my foot to get cold sometimes and she brought up that if I wanted they could send me for a test to see if I've developed a blood clot, but they did not think it was a possibility. I hadn't even thought about a blood clot. I again explained that it was not an occassional thing, but that my foot and leg all the way up above my knee was 6-8 degrees colder than my other leg and foot. I told her I have a genetic condition in my family that causes blood clots and to please mention that to the doctor. I have never had a clot, but my sister and my niece both had clots in the last few months. I then asked her about physical therapy because the doctor told me I'd start when I got my stitches out (that was 2 weeks ago), but they did not start it at that time. She said, "Oh wow, you should have been started when you had your stitches out). So, she set me up for this afternoon.

It just seems like there has been no information from the doctor concerning rehab after surgery, or just how long and involved the healing process would be. I wasn't told anything other than what to do the first 48 hours. The surgery itself was fine, the staff at the center were awesome, and I like the doctor generally. I've gotten really suggestions on the HealthBoard, which I really appreciate! When I get my other foot done, I will be a lot more prepared, thanks to nice people on here.

Thank you so much!
I would take the nurse up on the offer to check for a blood clot -- better safe than sorry. Is there a reason you didn't?
I ended up going back to the doctor's office to start PT. When the physical therapist felt my foot and leg, she said, "Oh my gosh...your foot and leg are freezing". She had started putting electrodes on my foot and leg so she could start therapy. When she found out I had a history of epilepsy as a child, she said she could not do therapy as it could triger a seizure. She said she thought I should be checked for a blood clot and then asked the doctor on call (not my doctor) to come feel how cold my leg and foot were. The doctor came and said, "You don't have a blood clot, I thing you might have RSD, or complex regional pain syndrome (the new name for RSD). She said I need to see a pain management doctor to tested for it and that any physical therapy was on hold until I see my doctor, which will be this Thursday. I told her my pain was not out of the ordinary and I really did not think I had a pain disorder, but she insisted. My foot is still extremely swollen so she said to continue to elevate it, but not to put icepacks on it. My foot gets so swollen by the time evening comes, that the back of my toes have started to split, along with my incisions. It's pretty painful during the night. I think the swelling causes the pain.

So, I'm wondering if anyone out there was diagnosed with RSD, or CRPS following their surgery?
Did the aching and burning pain start before or after your surgery? Let me know what the doctor says tomorrow. Please let him/her know also about the fact that you have had the shooting pain in your foot. Also, if you didn't have the burning and the aching before the surgery, then definitely let the doctor know that as well!!! Hoping everything turns out! I would much rather they tell you it is a blood clot than for them to diagnose you with RSD?CRPS!

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