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There are different kinds of osteotomies so be sure to get more specific information about which one and why. I had a cheilectomy with osteotomy on the left big toe. The osteotomy was to remove the bump on the top of the toe that impeded the movement of the toe. So, that was needed.

I would only see a sports med ortho who is foot and ankle board certified. that's my personal preference as they see LOTS of this type of injury - common in athletes as turf toe, runner's toe, tennis toe.

As for recovery, with the left foot I was walking from day 1 and driving. I was off work from Wed to Monday. As for the right one, I was off an extra day and could not drive (it's illegal in some places to drive with a surgical shoe or boot on) for 2 weeks when I had the sutures removed. Beyond that, no PT either time as I was given exercises to do at home. With the second one, I had it on June 15 and was at a Cajun dance on Aug 5 and danced with no problems.

I am not facing either a fusion or implant on the right one. The damage turned out to be worse than the x rays showed so I may have to do something within the next year. X rays - which I have seen - show no cartilege left in that joint. Bone is jammed up to bone. I go to the doctor on Feb 28 to discuss it.

Keep us posted.

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