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Karahood, it's OK to be nervous. I was! Just had rt Austin osteotomy and 2nd toe revision w/ wire for hammertoe on 2/15/13 so I am 3 weeks postop today. My surgeon is board cert orthopedic MD w/ xtra (fellowship) training in foot and ankle surgery. I am amazed at the people who are allowed to walk on the foot immediately. My experience: 1st 2 wks, only out of elevation (feet above level of heart) to use the potty and to eat. Have a steerable knee walker (a miracle) and portable commode w/ raised handles. Also 15" foam wedge which I've used to elevate, elevate, elevate even at night in bed. Used ice pack the first 36 hrs during the day, about 4 x daily. Doc gave me enough 10 mg oxycontin for 15 days (taking every 12 hrs). I had a nerve block from knee down and twilight sleep. I am not a martyr so I took the oxy evening of surgery and every 12 hours for 5 days. I was never in pain! I could tell the foot was tender after all that slicing and dicing but that was all. Saw the doc first time 12 days postop. Xrays taken, sutures out and surgery results PERFECT! Told to continue elevation another 5 days and then begin walking on heel only using a cane. I have now mastered the cane. I still elevate as often as I can as swelling is always a possibility when postop surgery on extremeties, especially feet. It takes awhile for that to not occur. I see the doc again 3/13. If I continue to do as well as I have so far, we will begin planning to do the lt foot mid to late April. I am still in a protective surgical sandal but expect to be more weightbearing after this week's visit. Should be in a regular athletic shoe by the end of March. The doc won't do the other foot until he is satisfied the first is completely healed and fully weight bearing. Being a nurse, I have been very compliant and it has paid off. Elevate, elevate, elevate and then do it some more is the key. Good luck and take the pain meds; don't wait for pain. And keep yourself well hydrated mainly with water; helps the healing process along with a good diet, vit C and daily multivitamin.

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