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Hi all,
Last year it was discovered that i had a tear in the peroneous brevis tendon on the side of my left ankle. Long story short, i had surgery in Nov 2011 to repair the tendon. During the recovery, I went to PT and did all the normal recovery strategies but still found myself healing much slower than is normal. I went back to my ortho surgeon and found i had another tear in the same tendon. I had my second surgery in May 2012. Once again i went to PT and did all the recovery strategies and the pain has greatly decreased and i have gained almost all function since the first surgery. However, it is now March 2013 and i find myself still having swelling and ankle pain. It is still hard for me to go down stairs and i can tell that it is still very weak when doing light exercise.

What I am wondering is it normal to be experiencing pain this far out after the surgery? Will i ever regain my ankle strength back? Should i go back to the surgeon again? I am 26 and that seems young to have to deal with chronic ankle pain for what seems to be a simple surgery.

I would honestly go back and see your surgeon. Shouldn't be having THAT much difficulty with the ankle this far out from surgery even though tendons are notorious for healing slowly. I have had the same surgery (for peroneal tendon tear) and it does take a long time to heal from it (and I have still have issues, but it's with a ligament after reinjuring the ankle), but I think with the issues you are describing, I would see your OS again. I know frustrated you are! I had my first surgery at 24 and my 2nd at 35 and I wonder if this is the way it's going to be from now on too! Hang in there sweetie!
I am assuming they did an MRI on you. I found out during my second injury that I had a spot on my talus bone where the cartilage had died and he had to go in and do microdrilling. It was causing deep bone pain. They saw the spot on the MRI.

He also did the calcaneal osteotomy this time due to my high arch casing me to walk on the side of my foot and rolling my ankle a lot. Maybe that is why you keep injuring it?

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