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hi jazza, i waited around 2 months after referral before having both feet done at once under a general and the procedure took about an hour as far as i can recall. i arrived at clifton around 7am having not eaten the previous night, the op was around 10.30am, all went fine and after an hour or so dozing afterwards, i went home 3pm.
i took 2 weeks off work but could have gone back sooner as far as pain etc was concerned. there was very little-just a bit of discomfort so didn't bother with pain-killers. i soon got the knack of walking in the non-weight-bearing sandals but was advised not to drive until the day 10 check when dressings are removed. it really depends on how physical your job is-i could sit down most of the day so no problem.
it really is a very good procedure, quick recovery and also minimally invasive in respect of work and lifestyle. mr. budgen and clinic staff are lovely and the care and follow up has been excellent. so nothing to worry about and well worth pursuing. good luck- you'll be fine. x

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