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[QUOTE=CAAnnieB;5150525]I was put in a below-the-knee cast in surgery(with an ortho shoe on the bottom of the cast) & was told that I could put weight on my foot right away. That being said; my post-surgery pain level was severe at first; so I had no desire to put much weight on that foot!! When I put my leg/foot down; I put the weight mostly on my heel.

After 2 weeks; I had my cast removed & the stitches removed. At this same appointment; I was re-casted. I was told to begin walking on the cast/ortho shoe...gradually weaning myself off of the walker over the next week or so. I had an increase in pain/swelling after that appointment, so I wasn't able to get started on doing much "walking". That was 6 days ago. I'm not walking yet; but have been having less pain/swelling over the past few days. I'm finding that I can put my foot down to pivot without having terrible pain; so I'm improving! Baby steps for sure!

I will be in the cast/ortho shoe for a total of 6 weeks. Then I will get a removable walking cast that I'll use from 2-4 weeks. It is my understanding that they will assess the status of the fusion when my cast comes off at 6 weeks...They'll take x-rays. I believe that fusions generally take around 10 weeks to heal.

I understand what you mean about going stir-crazy! I have my lap-top, the T.V., books, crosswords, etc. as I really am living on my recliner. I have had friends drop by for visits & that helps. My husband helps me in the morning before he goes to work. He comes home at lunch & then he's here in the evenings/ night. We make sure that I have everything within arms reach & I don't bother him at night because he needs his sleep. It's been a lot of extra work around here for him. Our kids are grown & out of the house. We have a dog; so all the dog walking & care has fallen on him while I recuperate.

On Monday; I got a knee walker "Free Spirit" scooter, which has helped me A LOT! MUCH easier than hopping around on the walker. I can carry things in a pouch on the front. I can steer with one hand & carry coffee & tea mugs now! :) Woo hoo! It's the little things!

I've been out of the house 2 times also, for my medical appointments. I'm thinking that once I can tolerate being up longer(next week); I'm going to venture outside & down the sidewalk with my scooter! I am craving fresh air & sunshine.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply ... I am extremely bored and I don't see the end of this. I decided to do this ( I'm sorry that I did), but now I don't feel that I can enjoy my very active life. My other foot now hurts at the big toe joint as well ... There is no way that I can return to my job .... I need to be able to walk long distances all the time ...

I like to boat and we have a house down south which I was hoping to enjoy .... But not now when I can't walk or do anything ....

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