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Re: Foot surgery
Mar 29, 2013
I had foot surgery a number of years ago because I had horrible bunions and hammer toes and was told by an orthopedic man that if I did not have them taken care of, my toes would cross. I believed him, so had it done. Here it is a good twenty years later and one of my bunions was returning and the foot was going crooked as well as the toes going into the hammer shape. I found someone who has helped me to such an extent that I have learned that NO ONE has to have bunion surgery. You have bunions and hammer toes because the tendons and muscles in your feet are way too tight and once those are made loose, you will not have them. I was as flat footed as a duck as well, but since finding the man I did, I now have nice arches and there is no sign of hammer toes as well as the bunions have been made much much smaller. If your feet are off, which is the case when one has bunions, it can effect the ankles and all the way to the hips. Go buy some nice flexible shoes at Sketchers and see if you can get someone who will loosen those ligaments for you. Please stay clear of any podiatrist-they are not qualified to cut and I would avoid an ortho surgeon as well. If you have to have someone cut, have an ortho surgeon do it,but I warn you that if you have the surgery, the correction may only be temporary. I had worn orthotics for years because the ortho man referred me to a man. They did nothing but damage!!!!Those are money makers for the podiatrists and as I said, I speak from a LOT of experience.

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