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Hi Pam...I'm 51. I am 7 wks post op now. I had surgery to correct my broken down flat foot. See procedures I had done below. I had a lot done. I was scared to death to do fact, I was told 2 yrs ago I needed surgery, and I opted to try orthotics first. I finally admitted I needed to do the surgery.
I just got my cast off yesterday and am now sporting a walking boot. I had xrays and the doc said that the arch of my foot is healing beautifully but the outside of my foot, where all the bone and tendon work was done is coming along at a slower pace..granted, there was more done on the outside of the foot, and it was more invasive, but the doc said because of my age, the healing will take longer.

It feels wonderful to get the cast off and my foot feels really wierd. I put it down on the floor and put a little weight on it and my heel feels like it isn't mine..I think it's a little numb. But to have an arch...really feels strange! I am walking with the help of crutches. Doc says after about 3 days or so, I will probably not need crutches to walk in the boot. Though I am older, I really cannot complain a lot about the healing process so far. Good luck with your doctor appointment!

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