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Good morning
I'm hoping someone has some experience to share with me! I have had ongoing ball of foot pain for nearly 12 months now, and have been trialling orthotics (utterly useless provider, many mistakes, on #7) and have given up on them.

Had an u/s scan 9 months ago when I had a huge amount of pain, but it showed only swelling under ball of foot. I've since learnt that you need a really good practitioner to identify foot problems with u/s.

My most recent orthotic (#7) caused more problems and pain than it solved, new u/s scan last week showed full thickness plantar tear to no. 2 toe, a bursa between 2 and 3, and bursitis between 3 and 4. Great, am back pain-wise to where I was last year, hobbling around.

My (new) podiatrist recommended a cortisone injection, I had 2 under u/s guidance last week. Some reduction in pain and I can do some limited walking but not all day on my feet - argh! And certainly not a 4 week trip o/s next month - 3 days at Disneyland anyone???

My doc has referred me to a foot surgeon, but that's not happening until June (busy man). My questions are - has anyone had these kinds of tears respond well with cortisone only, should I be looking at complete foot rest (eg. walking boot?) or acupuncture or what? My suspicion is that this is now a chronic injury, as the pain last year was intense for weeks and some tears were probably present then but just not seen on the u/s. Also the affected toe sort of 'hovers', it's hard to control it and it's a little numb. As for the ball of my foot, it feels like others have described: that my 2nd metatarsal head has bored a hole in the bottom of my foot and there's only skin between it and the ground!


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