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[QUOTE=bshorter30;5165972]I don't know exactly what your surgery is. I had a debridement, ligament repair, as well as a tendon repair. It was painfully for about 5 weeks(I'm 6 months post op). Well mainly when my pain meds wore off or my leg was down for to long. Your anesthesiologist, I think was talking about a nerve block? It's when he numbs the nerve behind your knee that runs to your ankle. So it helps with the post op pain sometimes for up to 12 hrs. If your in the hospital they will keep you pain free. If your not take you meds even if it doesn't hurt!! Set an alarm to help take them on time.

As for what to expect, it's going to hurt. Not as bad if you take the pain meds according to how he prescribed them. Not how you feel! It's easier to keep the pain away , then to be chasing it !! Also if they say to ice it ,do it! Ask them of you can. If your in a fluff cast then ice above it. It cools the blood that runs to your ankle thus cooling it. Make sure your prepared your house before surgery. There is a sticky that gives great advice on how to do that. Most important don't freak out. You will be fine. Follow your surgeons instructions, ask questions, and rest. Good luck !!! If you have any questions just ask ![/QUOTE]

That's the thing all i know what is happening is brostrom (hes going to reattach both ligaments to the fibula bone)or chrisman snook and he cant be sure which till he gets in there. Same for my ankle Syndesmosis injury or high ankle sprain. That's about all i know that's happening. As he cant be totally sure till he actually has me out on the table in his words. ( i am guessing that means opened up too!)

And yes figured it wouldn't totally be pain free but i just wasn't sure about the amount from what the anesthesiologist said today! And depending on what needs to be done depends on my NWB time too apparently at the moment its only approx 2 weeks though i dont think i will be walking on it in 2 weeks though lol but will see at the time.

And yes well i am going home to mums so i have prepared some stuff to take out to keep me occupied and have bought a nice ribbed fur throw to snuggle under lol since its autumn here. Have also bought cushions to prop my foot up on. And have a shower chair just a cheap plastic garden one but it will do lol.

And yes think he was talking about the nerve block as he mentioned so i come out of surgery pain free or in less pain than i would be normally after it.Apparently though it will be done after i am already under general anesthesia so i guess at least that way i wont have to see them putting it in lol :)

And thanks for being honest about the pain i knew it was going to hurt i just wasnt sure how much. But its good to know and yes well will do what i can as for being ready i am as ready as i will ever be after 8 months already on crutches!

And for the house well its how it is i cant really do much when its mums house so all good.

Thanks for your response! :blob_fire:blob_fire:blob_fire

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