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[QUOTE=Bravesfan319;5172537]Hey everybody!

Thankfully, I didn't have to have the Chrisman-snook surgery. One of the ligaments was completely torn, and the other had completely torn off the bone, one of them was fine I believe, but my mom talked to him mostly. I was still pretty out of it at that time.

I'm at home, and the pain isn't too bad. I'm taking 2 Hydrocodone 5's, and while I'd much rather be on oxycodone, I guess the hydro's will have to work.

I go back in on the 22nd to have a cast put on. Right now my foot is just in a splint and ace bandages. He said that on the 22nd he will determine whether I can start putting weight on it or not.

I don't want to rush my recovery. I'd much rather take a cautious approach to it and not have to have any future surgeries instead of pushing too much right now and need another surgery from not letting it heal fully.

How long was everybody else's recovery time? I work in a warehouse where I'm required to be on my feet about 8 hours a day, and run, jump, and climb about 15 feet in the air. That'd be a really bad place for my ankle to give out on me.

Hope everybody is having a great day!

P.S. I found the show Merlin on netflix, it's definitely keeping me entertained! Y'all should check it out![/QUOTE]

Hey Bravesfan i just had this done as well as my tib fib pinned 2 weeks ago! Saw the incision etc at my post op appointment today and am now able to pwb though i cant do the normal heel toe movement cause he doesnt want me to break the screws before he removes them which is fair enough.

My incision is also only a bit over 1 inch long and the other about probably 2 cm long where i got the screws put in. However i still have the back up plan of the chrisman snook in case my brostrom gould fails. Guess we shall see in time. As i have basically been told if i go over on it even once i will tear out his repairs and hence have to have the chrisman snook so guess we shall see how it all goes.

Either way it would be nice if it didnt happen but if it does then i am not worried about having to have it operated on again so all good in my opinion. But guess we shall see how it all goes.

Now in 8 weeks to 3 months i will have to have the screws removed under general anesthesia. Just my experiences.

As for pain killers i was on panadine forte and was easing to panadol cause my pain was easing but then i triped and this past week i have had a heap of pain. Just be aware of any pain that happens when the swelling goes down. As i now have a lot of pain on and off due to that.

But otherwise its all looking good even my scar looks good but yes i hope all keeps going well for you and that you stay relatively pain free.

Best wishes

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