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HI -

I am six weeks post-surgery - Lapidus procedure for the bunion/first metatarsal, shortening of second and pin in the hammertoe....

Start Phys therapy this week. Foot is still very stiff and the big toe and hammertoe are on the numb side - doc said I had a strong nerve block and it will take a few months for all effects to subside. At the 5/2 doc visit he wanted me in "clogs or sneakers" from now on (instead of pneumatic boot) and to start the PT "ASAP".

I think I will see if the PT has suggestions on shoes -- it is SO overwhelming to look at sneakers -- walking, "cross fit", running, Athletic, "training" -- I don't know what to get! Doc did suggest New Balance and I have been looking at some online -- they can range from $40 to $140, which does make me wonder.
I like the ones with a lot of mesh as that suggests stretch/breathability around the surgery area. I don't know how I can try on shoes with the right foot still so inflexible. I have a wide foot to begin with and surgery hasn't changed that (and the left bunion is still there ;).)

Sugggestions welcome on the "Right" shoe and where you got it, whether
online or brick/mortar store! Thanks!

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