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Had surgery Monday
May 9, 2013
Had my surgery this past Monday and things went well.

I only needed the PTT repair as the tear was small. I had some kind of blood clot in a vein next to the tendon. We'd seen it on MRI and the doctor wasn't worried about it, said he'd tie it off and take it out. Guess that turned out to be harder than he thought as it was stuck to the inside of my foot and he had to make 2 more small incisions to get it out. It took him an extra hour! But it was also pressing on or stuck to the area of tendon that was torn so maybe contributing to my pain. I'm a little fuzzy on the details but will get the full story at my appt tomorrow.

Coping well today. I'm glad I was prepared from reading all the advice on these boards because when the nerve block wore off and the pain hit....well, it was intense. I was taking my meds on time and had started before the block totally wore off but wow it was bad yesterday. Was thinking I might call and ask to up the dose but today it seems to be under control. I even managed a shower!

Feeling a little nervous about the bandage change appt tomorrow. The thought of someone touching my foot is scary. It ended up scheduled about an hour after I'm due to take my meds so I'm hoping I get thru it without too much trouble!

Glad to be on the flip side and starting this long recovery!

PTT repair, calcaneal osteotomy, lapidus, gastrocnemius recession

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