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Hello, brand new here..26 yrs old..5 days ago I had foot surgery. Chevron, and tailors bunions both removed. My 2nd metatarsal was shortened, it was about 5mm too long, 2 neuromas removed, and my pinky was turned so it wouldn't go sideways. Needless to say I had a lot done in one foot, and now have 3 incisions, and 3 screws. My doctor wasn't going to give me crutches but I made him, good thing because I could not walk for two days! I am now slightly weight bearing with crutches and walking boot. Any advice for weaning off the crutches? My foot gets very numb/burning when I'm on it too long, but I'd like to get down to one crutch and then none by the time I get my stitches out, in 2 weeks. It's really scary! I was in such excruciating pain for two days, I don't want to go back there, and I feel like if its tiring only slightly weight bearing on 2 crutches, how can I get off them?! I'll die! Also wondering about everyone else's symptoms? Ughhhh Any advice, or similar stories?

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