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KatieFeet - sounds to me like you are doing a LOT for only five days post-op!

I had a somewhat similar surgery done (but no neuromas) - 4 incisions - on May 1, but I am much older than you and I'm sure that makes a big difference. I was told to be mostly non-weight-bearing for almost two weeks. Doctor said I could get up (with the boot and crutches) to go to the bathroom and to go to and from bed. Otherwise I was to be lying down with my foot raised up higher than my heart. So that's what I did. Lots of ice packs and compression (Ace bandage)

A week ago (May 13), I had the stitches out and the doc said it looked wonderful and that I had obviously followed instructions well. He's a real believer in the elevation to keep swelling at bay for the first two weeks. He told me I could now be up more and start slowly putting more weight on the foot; even taking a couple steps occasionally without the crutches (to grab the toast out of the toaster, he said!). It certainly hurts when I put it down or step on it, but I can tell it's improving. I still have pins in two toes (hammertoe repairs) that don't come out until June 7. The rest of the hardware (5 screws and a wire clip) stays in permanently.

So...I think you will see slow steady improvement if you follow doctor orders and don't overdo. Are you elevating the foot as much as possible? If you are not doing that, I would try it, along with ice on the ankle/upper foot.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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