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What an encouraging post! I'm 2 weeks post pttd surgery and love to read about this kind of success.

Plus it helps set my expectations to something, ahem, more realistic than I seem to want to accept. Case in point: I tried doing some exercise my first week post op - with bad leg elevated and non-weight bearing - but I must have engaged that calf muscle unintentionally. Ended up hurting my calf and setting myself back considerably. It hurt to even rest my leg in the knee walker. Since then I've practically been confined to my bed with my leg elevated and iced. I barely moved at all until today. I had been doing great prior to that so it was extremely frustrating especially since I did it to myself. My doctor ruled out a blood clot and then sternly warned me against exercise until he sees me for my first follow up appointment.

The pain has subsided quite a bit, but at day 14 post op it is still not as good as day 5 post op! I did manage to do a little house cleaning this morning and was so happy about that. Hate feeling useless. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning the toilet and sink, a little vacuuming. Not the best job of it, but better than when I started. Felt good to be able to use the knee walker without it hurting a lot. I broke it up in segments and elevated my foot in between chores.

I'm trying to remind myself to take it easy now that I'm feeling better. If I want a great recovery like yours, I need to be patient and heal first. It's just so hard to do nothing physical, so these affirmations of the long term payoff really help. Should have read it before my cleaning spree! But luckily, no harm done today.

Best wishes for your continued success and healing!

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