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I thought I'd post again in case it helps anyone in the future.

On Day 1 and 2 Post surgery I rested and elevated as much as possible. I also took 2 Norco every 4-5 hours for the first day post op. Second day I moved to one Norco every 5 hours. On Day 3 in the AM we noticed some black and blue spot on my arm in two different locations. I believe it is a reaction to the Norco (I have some of the other symptoms too including one fainting episode.) I weaned off Norco taking 1/2 tablet and then nothing and switching to Tylenol.

In hindsight, Norco may not be a good choice for pain relief ever again....

Pain isn't terrible and I'm able to do 50% weight baring with crutches.

Day three was my daughter's baby shower. It was at my house and others were hosting. I was supposed to just sit and relax. Reality is it was far too much for me. After 5 hours of being upright I went to bed for the rest of the day. Foot elevated.
Today, Day 4, is a bed rest day.

I'm definitely feeling where the two screws in my heel were. It feels like I stepped on a nail. Not horribly painful but more uncomfortable. I assume this will go away soon.
Also feeling some nerve activity on the side of my foot.

Going back to the OS on July 2 for suture removal and will look forward to seeing the status of metal in my foot.

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