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Hello Hikerdreams, it's a big step (please excuse the pun) getting the cast off and becoming PWB.

My physiotherapy for the next 6 weeks seems to be aiming to get the range of movement back into my poorly foot and to get me FWB in the boot. My physiotherapist said to walk with the boot and both crutches for the first two weeks, increasing the distance a little each day, and then try to manage with just one crutch. When the boot is off I have to sit, with my leg elevated, and point my toes as far as is comfortable and pull them up towards my body; try to draw circles in the air with my toes and try to get used to putting my foot flat on the floor. Once I can do that, I'm to try heel lifts while sitting down. He says after that I'll be gradually weaned off the boot and back to FWB in normal shoes. He also said I might need an ankle brace as an extra support at first.

Hello, Peggy, sorry to hear you're having problems with your 'good' foot. My good foot has taken quite a battering over the past two months, even though I've tried to look after it. Good Luck on Monday. Do the children start on the same day, or is it just staff? We still have two weeks left of our school holiday. School re-opens on Monday 2nd September, which for our school is a training day, so staff only. The children come back on 3rd. I'm looking forward to getting back into my usual routine too, but am worried about having enough stamina and getting overtired. I suppose I'll just have to do my best and rest whenever and wherever I can.

Keep smiling, everybody :) :) :) :) :)
Good Morning, [B]Hikerdreams[/B] and hello [B]daffy133[/B], :wave: I don't think we've 'spoken' before, have we? Hang on in there, it's a long journey, but things do get better slowly and surely.

I'm over 6 months post op now, as I had my surgery on 7th June. For the past 3 weeks I have been walking in shoes (flat, lace-ups) with just one crutch, pretty much all of the time. I can't say that I've been completely pain free, especially at the end of a long day at work - but it's been bearable. I can walk without my crutch in the house, but can't manage stairs or getting on or off buses, so I take my crutch with me when I'm going out. Do you feel more vulnerable when you're out and about without your boot? I do especially at school, when the classes are all moving and the corridors are full of children.

I've been off work this week with a stinking cold :( - sore throat, horrible cough, vomiting and generally feeling unwell. My husband kindly brought this virus home last week - he has now developed a bacterial infection in his throat, so has been prescribed penicillin by our doctor. We're spending our days, reminding each other to take our medication and comparing symptoms (a vision of the future, do you think?). I've got out of bed for the first time today and am in the study, sipping a hot lemon and honey drink. Looking on the positive side, my foot is entirely rested and not swollen in any way!

Reading your reply, Hikerdreams, I feel so grateful for our National Health Service (NHS). I know I'm so lucky to live in North Yorkshire, where the local hospital trust is one of the best performing in the country. Everyone in paid employment here contributes towards the NHS through their taxes, but after that most NHS services are free at the point of need. Some people do pay for things like prescriptions and eye tests, but it is still much cheaper than having to pay a private provider. What happens in America if you can't afford to pay the 30% or 20% shortfall in your insurance? :eek:

In the UK we have Remembrance Sunday, which is the nearest Sunday to Armistice Day to remember our war dead. There are parades and wreath laying ceremonies at war memorials all over the country. The one that the Queen and the Government attend at the Cenotaph in London is shown on TV. On Armistice Day (11th November), we don't have a public holiday, but most schools and places of work observe the silence at 11 o'clock. We all wear red poppies, do you do that in the US?

Please do send me more details of your water exercises, I'm really interested. I must admit I'm struggling to do all of my physio at home every day - I'm just so tired by the time I get home from work and we've cooked and eaten our evening meal. I'm thinking of retiring from work at the end of the school year. The hearing impaired boy I teach will be moving up to secondary (high) school, so I won't be letting him down. I just don't know if we'll manage financially.

It's good that you've set yourself goals and targets. Going away at half-term gave me something to look forward to, but now that that's gone I'm feeling a little flat. I'm not really looking forward to Christmas. As you know, my father died in August and my mother-in-law in April and they always came to me on Christmas Day. My mother has decided to go to Australia to visit my only sister this Christmas, she flies out at the end of this month, so she won't be here either. Both my daughters will be here, but it will be much quieter than usual and quite emotional I expect.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Much love,

Dancing Cat ;)

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