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Well, I am 8 weeks post bunion surgery... And was wondering if others are still having horrible pain when trying to wear a shoe?? I'm supposed to go back to work beginning Thursday, but am seriously wondering how in the world I'm going to make it thru an 8-10 hr shifts

My foot feels fine, I can walk on it no problem wearing either "the boot" or a very loose sandal... The only sandal I can wear right now is a 3 year old, very stretched out sandal... Anything else rubs/pressure on the incision and is very painful. Now with going back to work I will have to wear a regular sneaker allllll day long:( I've seen some people post about switching halfway thru the day to the boot, but unfortunately I am a bakery supervisor at Costco... 8-10 hr days on a cement floor with slip resistant shoes on... There is no option to switch to the boot nor to sit whenever I need... It's just not happening:( I've been trying baby steps this past week.. Wearing a regular shoe and doing some walking for a few hrs a day hoping I could work thru it, however within an hour or so the incision is on fire and throbbing!!! I purchased extra wide shoes and loosened the laces as much as possible but still no relief. After taking the shoe off the induction still continues to be extra sensitive to ANYTHING touching it and is slightly red/irritated looking:(

I'm just feeling a little discouraged, doesn't seem like anyone has had this much trouble after the 8th week. Am I the only one? Am I just a big wimp? I'm ready to go back to work, but need to be able to do my job well and set a high standard for my employees... Is it possible I'm just not recovering as quickly as most people???

I'd appreciate a little insight on others opinions.. Thank You:)

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