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Brostrom Procedure
Aug 7, 2013
I'm 6.5 weeks post brostrom procedure. I found it helpful reading about other people's experiences so I figured I'd share...hope it helps

Weeks 1 -2 I was in a cast & NWB. I took Percocet every 4 hours for the first 2 days and switched to just Tylenol after that. I definitely recommend taking the pain meds on a regular schedule, even if you're feeling alright. Once the pain comes on, it's hard to find relief.

Weeks 3-4 I was using a CAM walker, still NWB. Only difference I noticed during this phase was that I could tolerate sitting without having my leg elevated for about an hour, so I was able to go out a little bit. Swelling in the toes, lateral foot and heal was pretty significant.

Weeks 5-6 I was still in the CAM walker, NWB for the most part. I was allowed to stand and put a little weight through my foot with the boot on. I also began active & passive dorsiflexion, active plantarflexion and some toe and foot muscle strengthening. Pain was almost non-existent in any position and swelling was considerably better.

At the start of week 7 I was WBAT with the CAM walker for 2 days with crutches and progressed to just using a lace-up brace and crutches (WBAT). I notice strength improvements every day. I have access to a pool, which really helped me become stronger and more tolerable of walking. Formal PT starts in 2 days.

Some recommendations from my experience:

-take pain meds as directed following the procedure
-get a shower bench and if you want to shower the first 2 weeks post op purchase a cover. it was $15.
-I used a rolling stool to get around the house. crutching around all day gets pretty exhausting and really mess up your hands. No joke, by week 3/4, my hands hurt more than the ankle.

Again, I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

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