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I am 22 years old and am scheduled to have a lapidus bunionectomy in the next few weeks on my right foot. I will also have a pin in my second toe to straighten it out. I am VERY nervous and have done extensive research and have read that the lapidus bunionectomy procedure is mostly used in a severe bunion case. My bunion is only moderate. My doctor recommended the surgery rather quickly and I am nervous that this specific surgery may not be necessary and too invasive for my specific foot. The lapidus bunionectomy is a more complicated procedure has a longer recovery period with no weight baring whatsoever for 6-8 weeks and then if all goes well light exercise at 10 weeks. I am very active and would prefer an obviously easier recovery period especially if another surgery such as an Austin bunionectomy or cheveron bunionectomy will give me the same results. My question is if anyone is familiar with the lapidus bunionectomy does it sound fitting for me? Also, what specific type of bunion surgery do you prefer? And lastly, do you think I will have an easier or quicker recovery because I am young and healthy? Please let me know ASAP so I can discuss any other options with my doctor. Thank you!

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