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Hi, I had bunion and hammer toe surgery on 5/1/13. Altough my surgeon called it foot reconstruction surgery. My surgery lasted 6 hrs and I spent 2 nights in the hospital. He removed the joints and shortened the metatarsals in 4 of my toes and straightened and removed the bunion on both sides of my foot. I had pins sticking out of my toes and 5 screws in my foot.I was in a cast and nwb for 8 weeks, and could only be up for 3 min each hour. Then a walking cast that I could put my full weight on for up to 10 min each hour, for 4 weeks, then a boot that I could remove to shower and sleep but again only on it for 10 min each hour. I've been in athletic shoes now for a week but still with the 10 min each hour time limit. My foot looks great, makes my other foot, which was my "good foot" now look hideous. I feel I could be on my foot longer it doesn't hurt much and doesn't swell that much now, but I'm following his directions. Use my knee scooter for outings longer than 10 minutes. It has been a slow and at times grueling process, the worse part was the nwb stage, I vented on this board regularly, it helped me get through it all. Everyone was very supportive and it was nice to know I wasnt the only one wanting to rip my cast off or mad at my husband for wanting to do everything for me. Hard to believe I know, being angry with someone for being so nice and helpful, but we're not in our right mind during all of this process. I am 62 and have always been active, its not easy committing to be a couch potato, but knowing its temporary makes it doable. Your procedures may not be as extensive as mine and every surgeon has their own protocol to follow so your recovery may be totally different. Regardless, this board and the members will all be her to cheer you on and validate your venting. Good luck and keep us posted!

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