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Good morning Bella,
I had the Modified Austin bunionectomy and a fused second toe. He had to cut the toe down a quarter of an in and we're not sure why or how it dislocated, but he got it all put back together great. It took longer than I expected for all the swelling to go away and I had to do a lot of PT work at home curling my toes to get the movement back, but I did. I'd just keep at it every day, as much as I could and the buionectomy and the toe are pain free. I have developed a little bunionette on the other side by my little toe and will one day get that removed along with a neuroma, but the bunion and 2nd toe are great. No pain. Be patient though, everyones recovery is different and be very careful during recovery and keep it protected. It's amazingly easy to get bumped and if you have doggies - be careful they don't bump into it unprotected.
I didn't have a cast for this surgery either, just a boot which I slept in for several weeks - can't remember how many. My upcoming surgery will require a cast. Every surgery and doctor has their way of doing things. My friend had bunionectomies on each foot, at different times, and was put into a cast for 5 weeks each time. They all want you to protect it while the bone heals.

Good luck and stay in touch so we all know how you're doing.


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