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[QUOTE=Oneinamillion12;5219013]I wanted to see if anyone else has had a "Brostrom-Gould Left Ankle Ligament Reconstruction w/using Bioabsorable anchors to repair the ATLF back to the distatl fib". My doctor had to do surgery because my ATLF was completely torn from my Fib and after 2 months had not healed at all. I also had the CF's and the Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament both partially torn as well.

The surgery was all done Laproscopic and I had a block administered in preop prior to surgery as well. Post op, after the block wore off I can't explain how bad my foot/ankle hurt especially if in a down position, I am 2 weeks post op and it's night and day on pain control from last week however still not pleasant. The pain is getting better but still very uncomfortable.

Wanted to see if anyone that has had this surgery and when was off the crutches and at what point post op? 4 weeks? 8 weeks? Just seeing what to expect in the next several weeks, right now I'm still non weight bearing and can't even rest it on the ground with pressure.

One in a million[/QUOTE]

I had similar surgery, but it wasn't done laproscopic (I've got a 3 inch scar below by right tibula), and I don't believe they used anchors. As I mentioned in my previous post, Dr Paul Spiegl (Perimeter Orthopedics) did the surgery on my right ankle (no driving for 6 weeks!).

I was NWB for 6 weeks, and then PWB in a cast for 1 week, and then I was free to walk FWB no cast / no boot from then on out. It was a tough transition for sure.

I had a lot of pain following surgery. Any time I went outside in the GA heat where my ankle was below my heart for more than 20 mins at a time, my toes would turn purple. It felt as if my ankle had swallowed a football.....there wasn't a lot of room in my cast!

Couple things I would suggest:
- get a new cast every week.
- my insurance company had this ice machine delivered to my house. I would wrap this boot around my cast and 43 degree water would run over the cast, immediately providing some relief to the swelling.

I've been following Tim Hudson's recovery from ankle surgery. He had deltoid ligament repair, and some metal put around some bones to heal his fractures. He was PWB within 3 weeks.... Haven't figured that one out.

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