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I am 6.4 weeks post op PTTD surgery. Exact one you had except, replace evans with Lapidus and no bone marrow asp. I had a lot of nerve pain, especially during week 2. I had a lot of heel pain from resting my foot on the heel. I was out of my splint at day 10 and into a boot. the boot did not have as much padding and it made my hell area soar. I repositioned a lot and set my foot where it could hang off the bottom edge of the pillows that propped it. It was quite sore in the morning as my foot would adjust at night and fall right on that spot on my heel. Mine sorest part was the part where the 2 holes are where they drilled the screws in. (very large screws). That and the cut on the side of the heel took the longest to heal. There are still small area's of the incision that are still healing today. It still is very sensitive, but the wound looks really good. It's just propping and maybe finding a soft sock or marshmallow fluffy sock to place inside the boot that could really help. Just lay the sock around that area and then put boot back on. It could act as more padding in the area.

If the area is red or inflamed, as well as tender to the touch, I would call you Dr. and get his/her opinion. I had a concern about the side of the heel incision on day 14 and snapped a photo with my cell and texted it to Dr. She was nice enough to give me her cell. I was cleared that it was only just a moist/wet incision site and to air it out. Did that and it cleared up quickly.

Good luck, remember if red or inflamed, then call Dr. to be safe. Otherwise, burning, shooting, electrical zaps(that make you jump in pain) all sound normal to my experience as well. Good luck. It does get better. Respect The Foot

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