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I sincerely hope the arnica helps. It has helped everyone I told about it so it should work for you. I even rub it on my horse's legs when I know he is sore. I asked my husband and he said that I had very little "endurance" in walking or standing. He also reminded me that I cooked on a stool for a week or so after I started NWB. But, one of the differences between us is my doc told me my rehab would be easier if I started weightbearing early. Also, when I went to see him, I had this stupid idea (mainly because of my old doc) that I could recover in 90 days. hehehe Seriously, my old doc wanted to do arthoscophy and I would be back to normal in 90-120 days. That is why we switched. My old doc even though he was a family friend was obviously not telling me the truth. Or, maybe did not know. We still do not know. I told him that I wanted a doctor and my rehab closer to me. Old doc was in the Houston Medical Center about an hour from me. Ok, we told new doctor all of that. He said that he would not guarantee success doing what old doc described. Also, new doc saw me and knew I was athletic. We told him I needed to push my rehab as fast as reasonably possible. I had my surgery Jan 10, was put into a cast (post op) Jan 25 and started walking. Got my cast off on Feb 22 . My doctor gave me a set of exercises to do on my own and I was to wear my splint and NOT to ride. I saw my doc on March 15 for a follow up. And, he cleared me for rehab. I started rehab March 19. I went to rehab 2x week until April 11. My rehab guy recommended that I be released and that he could not do much more for me. I was only running 1 mile on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the eclipical. And, I was ****** off about that because I normally run 3-4 miles a day. My doc saw me on Apr 12 and released me. (Only recently have I got back to running on my old schedule - 3-4 miles on a weekday and 7-8 miles on the weekend.)

I know that I pushed my rehab and home exercises to my maximum limit. Your doc definitely has a different protocol for you. When I was writing here about my progress, I do not remember anyone else following what I was doing. I dont know what to say. I think you doing great. I know that it takes time. I was trying to get back into the show ring with my horses and that is the main reason I was pushing so hard. The funny thing is in June I fell and severely sprained my wrist. That doc (I have a shoulder/elbow/wrist doc) wanted to do surgery on my wrist so that limited me until recently. I still can not lift more than 50 pounds in my left hand without a burning pain. So, I just stop and let someone else do it.

By the way, when I get up in the morning, my ankle is stiff. To be honest, my whole body is stiff and creaky. But, once I get my coffee and moving around it gets better and I am ok. Also, I do take Osteo Bi flex triple which I think helps me. Plus, I also take alot of vitamins and I try to eat healthy.

You need to take your time like you are doing. Do what you can do then stop. There is nothing wrong with that. This is your time to get well. Practice taking pictures of your 3 year old. Learn to quilt. Enjoy the time - you will never get back. That has always been my philosophy. If you are just supposed to be going to the bathroom, then you are really doing great! Just do not overdo it. You do not want to repeat this or hurt yourself.


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